Saturday, September 5, 2009

Hey There Guelph

The very first day is coming to a close. And here is where the adventure OFFICIALLY begins. I wake up at approximately 7 am. Why? Because I could no longer sleep because of stress, excitement, nervousness, and just weird feelings. I finished packing with the help of mother of course, in a fairly timely manner. We had the car packed quick too! And left home by 10:30 I'd say. And the trip took about half an hour. JUST KIDDING. But it really seemed that way. Once we got into Guelph they had amazing signs directing everyone. Kudos. Everyone was so friendly and easy going. The student volunteers literally took all of my stuff and had to my room, on the top floor in about 10 minutes. Amazing! Unpacking then seemed to take FOREVER. Stuff had to be moved and it didn't all fit in the room and everything was so awkward to walk around but now, everything is pretty much perfect and just how I pictured it! We then went to a welcoming little speech from the president of the school, coolest man possibly. He has this adorable accent and seemed like a real person. Mom and Dad had to leave in a rush because I had a tower meeting at 5 so that was no good but everything went well. The meeting was held in this tiny lounge and we all couldn't even fit in it. People were sitting down hallways, up staircases. My but went numb, thanks to a two hour meeting on the floor. The usual rules and ice breaker games, all that jazz (I hate that saying). After we all headed for dinner, I got the meat lasagna! I have a feeling "Mom's Kitchen" is going to be my favourite place to eat. They have these amazing belt things that you put dirty plates on, its splendid! I almost forgot my purse there, and had to run back to get it. After dinner we all headed to watch a movie about wellness (sex, diet, image, health, all that stuff) I've never heard so much talk about free condoms before in my life! (Sorry Dad). It was the weirdest thing, made me feel like a grade 9 again. AFTER THAT, we were herded to a concert on the north part of campus but a few of us wanted to head back to our rooms to finish organizing everything, just relax. So here I am, the room is not totally finished but its there!

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