Tuesday, May 17, 2011


So I have failed to post in multiple days which made me a little frantic and anxious deep down but it's for good reason I swear. This past Saturday I woke up and thought, "hey, let's browse Kijiji for cars" and as I was texted my Dad about a hilarious offer of $4500 for a Mini Cooper my Mom called and said she had heard of a car just in our price limit at dealership outside of London actually run by some "distant" family members.

We visited the place, test drove the car and Mom was the giddiest I have ever seen her in my life. Key phrases included:
"Oh my gosh it looks like no one ever put a cup of anything in these cup holders!"
"Look! There's a place for you to put coins!"
"No one has ever sat in these back seats before!"
"Cruise control?! OH MY GOD"
"The wipers are amazing"
"Please don't go that fast.."

We got back to the dealership, called Dad and bought the car. Don't I just have the best, most fun and entertaining, loving parents ever. Yea, I know! After we picked the car up on Monday and drove it home for the first time my Mom took a few glamour shots with me and my baby. And since we have no idea where the camera cord, this is the only picture you get to see of the CAR!

(This is actually my car, not some silly one off Google)

I always pictured myself driving a super, tiny car so I wasn't sure if this car would ever really be "me" or if I could pull off driving it. But today I took it on it's first trip to Guelph and I absolutely loved driving on the highway with it and it's now feeling more like mine. 

Just always remember folks, dreams DO come true. 


  1. yeahhh, your parents do sound totally awesome. lucky you! :D and congrats on the car. looks pretty sweet.

  2. You're mom's keyphrases are the best! Guess it would have been a bit boring if she didn't come along to the car dealership. Yeah, give a new car a few drives and it would absolutely feel more like yours. :)