Wednesday, June 18, 2014


A little piece I presented in a class this afternoon on reflexive groups and practices. 


I am rarely sure how I want to convey what I want to convey (or what I want to convey at all).
I try to compile my learnings into a tangible box for me to share outside of myself but all that comes out is more questions. Questions?

·     I am not separate from the group, my learning as an individual is reliant on the group process – then have I learnt anything on my own?
·     How is my identity defined as being part of the group vs. being an individual 
·     Can I exist outside of the group? 
·     What is existence? 
·     What is my learning this semester if not with the group? I am dependent on the group
·     Who am I without them?
·     Who am I without the other?
·     What are they without me?

All I can know for sure is that the questions have changed.


All my life I’ve been asking questions.
Where am I from?
Who am I?
What does it mean to be who I really am?
Who do I really want to be?


The questions have become less concerned about my own knowledge acquisition and more about genuine curiosity. Less about obtaining answers and more about starting a conversation, a conversation that may never have an end or an answer.


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