Goal List

Following the band wagon of making a bunch of goals when embarking a new year, I made a list of 23 things for the year I turn 23. You can check out the original post here. But updates will occur here! Check it out!

1. Blog once a day for a year - I gotta document this don't I?!
2. Run at least 3 road races
3. Go on a hot air balloon ride
4. Watch all Battlestar Galactica and Dr. Who episodes
5. Book all wedding related things
6. Write gratitude letters
7. Watch the sunrise
8. Learn one new recipe each week (that's 52 dishes!)
9. Go on 2 mini road-trips
10. Volunteer somewhere I never have before
11. Pay my credit card regularly
12. Limit electronics time on Sundays to one hour
13. Run the Seawheeze half-marathon in Vancouver, BC
14. Go to my first NHL game
15. Start learning American Sign Language
16. More date nights with my momma
17. Get my first mala beads
18. Hold a hand stand for 10 seconds
19. Get a mani/pedi
20. Write a poem
21. Throw Ryan a kickass 23rd birthday too!
22. Be intentional. Write a daily intention each morning.
23. Drink champagne on my champagne birthday

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